Skyfri is on a mission of consolidating complementary technologies and solutions in the solar industry, in order to reach our ambition of close to fully automated solar asset management, breaking down siloes and making the operations and maintenance of solar assets more efficient and available for everyone. The integration of the EnerMAN solutions into Skyfri Intelligence will give us access to the booming C&I market space, and also allow Skyfri to deploy our solutions on all newly builts globally,” says Skyfri CEO, Pratik Ghoshal.

EnerMAN Technologies, established in 2016, has clients in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Poland, Rwanda and the United Arab Emirates, monitoring over 1.2 GW on these sites, providing a continuous datastream that will be integrated into Skyfri Intelligence and the overall products and services offered by Skyfri Group. The firmware and solutions developed by EnerMAN provides solar asset owners with a cost-efficient and easy to deploy scada systems, making solar monitoring of real-time fault detection more available to asset owners regardless of the solar power plant size, or location. EnerMAN recently won the prestigious EQ International Award for best solar monitoring company.

“The EnerMAN acquisition will accelerate Skyfri Intelligence toward becoming one of the most advanced solar asset monitoring solutions. We take years of data points and integrate that into our system to improve our artificial intelligence that detect alarms and underperformances. But the most important element is actually that our product becomes more accessible, even for smaller asset owners. With our systems, they can decrease cost, increase efficiency of O&M and increase production,” says Aslan Shamsutdin, CTO of Skyfri.

For further information, please contact: 

Pratik Ghoshal, CEO
+1 (298) 707 – 1863

Ingrid Olsen Finvåg, Marketing Manager
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