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Skyfri is awarded asset operations of the largest floating solar project in Kerala  

BHEL awards Skyfri comprehensive solar asset operations of one of the largest floating solar power plants in India. The solar power plant has a capacity of 22 MW AC/31 MWp DC, and is the largest in the state of Kerala.

Skyfri at the "Olympics of Tech"

On June 20 - 23, Collision Conference takes place in Toronto, Canada, where Skyfri CEO Pratik Ghoshal and CTO Aslan Samshutdin will be attending 🇨🇦

"If we reduce operating costs of solar management, it will become the most important alternative asset class globally"

Read the interview with Pratik Ghoshal, CEO and Co-founder of Skyfri Technologies. Featured in Forbes, May 2 2022.

Introducing the next-generation caretaker

We started Skyfri because we saw a clear gap in the market in providing a better and integrated approach towards automated asset operations. Learn more about how our technology are changing the game of caretaking of solar assets.

Proud member of the global Greentech Alliance

Greentech Alliance brings together companies that are fighting the climate change, creating a community for the important challengers in various industries. We are proud to be one of them.

Accelarating growth in a post-covid world

New market trends arise quickly and are not always easy to catch up with. Look through some of our observations in the renewable energy industry in our latest article