The most advanced operating platform for solar assets

Skyfri Intelligence


Skyfri Intelligence monitors site generation remotely 24/7, detects and addresses site issues, underperformance, natural losses and equipment failure in real time, enhancing risk management, asset lifetimes and return on investment. We increase IRR for asset owners by increasing revenue and reducing OPEX through real-time fault detection.


The integrated CMMS system dynamically creates incidents and assigns priority tickets to site team and/or OEMs. Various modular functions enable efficient day to day management, and we break down silos with easy integration with third party software. Enabling one single source of truth for asset managers and operators and maximizing performance in real time.

One single source of truth on how your assets perform – in real time

Skyfri Intelligence


Active incidents 5

Performance – 18 %


  • Complete operational and financial overview in real-time

  • Loss buckets categorized and reported through alarms

  • Performance against base case or estimates, with integrated weather forecast

  • Digital twin (string level)

  • Dynamic benchmarking

  • Single window view of most important parameters

Built as stand-alone applications

Affordable and easy solutions for both retrofit of operating assets or new build, either ground mount or on rooftop. Makes customizations and third party integrations easy.


  • data_capture_module
    • SCADA 2.0 for all solar assets
    • Real time data stream
    • Power plant controller
  • Insights2_module
    • Real time performance monitoring
    • Alarms
    • Digital twin of the plant
    • Generation forecast
  • workflow_module
    • PM Scheduling
    • CMMS & site management
    • Incidents
    • Inventory management
  • DAM for solar assets are easy to use on mobile with our new app
    • Finance KPIs
    • Billing & invoicing
    • Order to Cash
    • ERP integration
    • Procurement to pay
  • commercial_module
    • Contract management
    • Insurance and warranties
    • Payables and receivables
  • esg_module
    • ESG KPI dashboard
    • REC
    • “Pay it forward”
  • thermal_module
    • Thermal imaging on AC and DC side
    • Identifying defects in module
    • Integration with RGB
  • storage_module
    • Effective integration of storage assets into a solar portfolio and optimizing the overall performance

Case studies

How Skyfri improves project internal rate of return for our clients.


  • Increasing generation and reducing operating costs by detecting underperformance as they occur.

    Reduced soiling losses

    Location: Madhya Pradesh
    Type: Ground mount (C&I)
    COD: 2018

    IN Size: 59 MW

    Reduced soiling losses


    Plant underperforming below what investment estimates due to tracker failing frequently, which lead to use of Skyfri Intelligence for real-time anomaly detection.


    Reduction of tracker losses equalling over 89 MWh of production in last 6m, representing a saved revenue of 5,933 USD, or nearly 0,33% of revenue. Had it not been resolved in time, the plant would have suffered over 1% annual loss in generation and revenue in addition to equipment repair impacting >400 bps in IRR.
  • Increasing generation and reducing operating costs by detecting underperformance as they occur.

    String performance improvement

    Location: Maharashtra,
    Type: Rooftop (C&I)
    COD: 2019

    IN Size: 4.6MW

    String performance improvement


    Plant underperforming much below to investment estimates, which lead to use of Skyfri Intelligence for real-time anomaly detection.


    Software identified generation loss due to string underperformance, equalling 94 MWh (1.5% of est. generation) last 12m, which represent a revenue loss of 3,700 USD. Implementing Skyfri Intelligence also averaged saving of 18 % of operational costs over a 4 month period, equivalent to 3% project cashflow and >2% equity IRR.


Bring intelligent automation to your solar power plant

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