scada system for solar power plant


All inclusive solar monitoring

Collecting sensor data from distributed solar sites has never been easier

Why Skyfri SolarSCADA

Our solution

One supplier for your entire SCADA solution

If you want to monitor your solar PV assets, you have probably heard of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems. The existing solutions are often sold as standard packages whereby custom systems are designed to meet large utility-scale customer specifications by integrating many different third-party components. These systems are high quality, but are costly due to the time investment and hardware costs required for effective deployment.

Skyfri SolarSCADA is the industry’s first fully integrated SCADA system specifically designed for solar PV asset monitoring. The hardware is developed in-house to simplify sensor install, calibration and maintenance for common instrumentation used in solar PV monitoring. This, combined with the industry-leading solar monitoring software Skyfri Intelligence, enables a full-turnkey data acquisition system installation without delays and expensive commissioning over-runs.

scada system for solar power plant

Key benefits

  • 90% reduced installation time

  • One supplier for all equipment

  • Immediate access to plant data

Monitoring distributed rooftop solar assets

A new era for SCADA systems

When monitoring rooftop solar assets, one has previously chosen the systems that are built on legacy hardware choices which were never intended to support high resolution data or real-time controls interfacing, and in many cases lack the scalability required for modern larger grid interactive PV Installs. This approach to rooftop monitoring has come from the traditional requirements of small-scale rooftops.

SolarSCADA leverage the inherent repeatability of data points within a Solar PV site, and are designed as a commodity, low-cost hardware solution to implement standards that are common for all PV sites.


Our SCADA systems is delivered fully configured from our facility in Denver, CO, USA, with sensor calibration, point configuration, and alignment-care prior to shipping.

SolarSCADA was designed to meet the IEC-61724 photovoltaic system performance monitoring guidelines. All our sensors meet the required accuracy specifications and logging intervals, and system compliance depends on sensors selected during configuration.

What our customers say

Quick, easy installation

Immediate data availability and file export

Save yourself hours of tedious calculations and use our solar monitoring software Skyfri Intelligence to know how your solar plants are performing. We know the different KPIs that owners and operators care about and we know how to calculate them all.

If you want to do the calculations yourself, easily export the data using any type of request you want – OPC, DNP, Modbus, SQL, HTTP or Microsoft excel query.

scada system for solar power plant

We connect all devices on site

  • Transformer

  • String combiner box

  • Inverter

  • Energy meter

  • Grid

  • Weather monitoring system


Intelligence backed end-to-end asset operations

Interested in Skyfri SolarSCADA? Contact us to learn more about our unique tech first driven monitoring and operations approach.